On SmartBro’s Fair Usage Policy

Dear SmartBro (MyBro or whatever you may call it),

First, we have been using your service since I was 3rd year High School and for almost about 4 to 5 years now. Before, your speed was very consistent and I was able to upload videos, photos, etc. and download free programs/softwares on the internet in less time. But as time, days and years pass by, your service is really deteriorating. I understand that many of households now are using your service so why weren’t you capable of upgrading your systems to cope up with the increasing demand and use of own internet connections at home?

15gb cap? Seriously! I’ve been a victim of this crappy policy and I have to wait until tomorrow to get my original speed back. I’ve been having troubles connecting to facebook and so much more difficulties with Youtube since last Thursday afternoon. Grrrrr! I believe that my mom signed into an unlimited contract. You’re saying that it is still unlimited, WTF! Unlimited connection with a limited speed that is as slow as a dial up connection? You’re also saying something about fair distribution of resources among your customers, with 1mbps maximum speed; you’ve already prevented multiple connections at home. So why would you let your consumer suffer from your failure to upgrade your system in sustaining the needs of your customers here in the Philippines?

I am really disappointed! How far would 15 gb get me? 5 tweets a day, two facebook status, one instaphoto, no youtube videos to be played, one blog entry?

If you won’t change your mind regarding this policy, what can you give your customers in order to monitor how much of the 15gb are already consumed? Please have a control about this so that the consumers are able to allocate their 15 gb within the month!

One disappointed SmartBro user,


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2 thoughts on “On SmartBro’s Fair Usage Policy

  1. A real man is apt to admit he is uncapable to to his job.And looks for a lower occupation.
    Smartbro “managers” are surely apt to clean the decks and the toilets of incoming ferry boats.

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